1 You can open your own classes as a certified instructor.

You will become a qualified instructor of the General Incorporated Association to Promote Traditional Education in the Region. The certification you get is a precious testimony that the Association acknowledges your skill. It helps you gain social credibility when opening your class at your house or public facilities such as culture centers or community centers. At the same time, the headquarters provides you with support to open you classes.

2 You can hold classes utilizing what you learnt in the seminars and training course as a certified instructor.

Once you complete a master course, you can apply to issue a certificate on behalf of your students. In doing so, part of the certification fee will be reimbursed to you for teaching and applying for the certificate.

3 We back you up for your improvement.

We provide reskilling lectures and seminars if you seek to improve your skills. Sharing the joy with like-minded people is also a great gain.

4 Free distribution of group journals

Group journals published by the headquaters and class newspapers are distributed for free.

5 Special benefit system for events hosted by the Accociation.

You are invited to events such as symposiums or examinations hoste byt the Association.


Renewal year begins in April. Annual fee of 10,000 yen is required for renewal for the following year.

Individual Membership

・Joining fee 5,000 yen

・Annual fee 10,000 yen

※Once payment has been made, we cannot refund fees.

※Any change on membership fees are decided in the general assembly of our staff.

※Membership is required to maintain the certification.