☆Before you join us

Q There is one lesson a week, right?

Yes, your child can come to our soroban and Japanese penmanship class once a week. It is so that you can manage to do other activities. We hope children experience various things and find what they really like and good at.

Q What time are the classes?

Both soroban and Japanese penmanship classes are taken place at the same period of time.
The class for students from three years old to the eldest at kindergarten starts at 3.40pm and finishes at 4.10pm. It accommodates up to six students. In the case that the class is full, we open one more class from 3.00pm to 3.40pm.

  Class for elementary school students is open from 4.10pm till 6.30pm. Students can come to the class when it’s convenient for them during the above-stated period of time and work for an hour.
※In soroban course, student at their eldest at kindergarten who complete the kids’ curriculum is allowed to move onto classes for elementary school students in and after October.
*In penmanship course, students at their eldest at kindergarten are allowed to join in the elementary school student classes in and after October.
Note that classes for elementary school children last one hour. Therefore, we first consult with parents whether the student can concentrate for one hour.

Q Could you tell me more about the soroban class?

Kids’ class accommodates up to six students and lasts for 30 minutes. There we don’t use regular sorobans but use vertical calculation instruments especially built for children. They learn the concept of number by utilizing the instruments. Right brain puzzles and soroban picture cards are also used in the class.

Abacus class for elementary school students can be referred as regular soroban class. Studencts can take an examination in every month that is multiples of three. If you wish to take exams as soon as possible or try higher level of exams, we would recommend that you take three or four soroban classes a week.

Kodomo school is suitable to those who want to do other activities as well.


☆Before you join us

Q Do I pay the tuition by cash?

A The tuition will be deducted from your registered account every month. Our instructor will give you a bank account registration form so please make sure to fill it in with your signature, and hand it back to the instructor in the following class. The tuition will be deducted on the 4th of every month. *It usually takes two months to complete the registration process, therefore please pay postal transfer for the first two months. The instructor will give you a postal transfer form with joining cost written in on your first day. Please make a payment within a week.

Q What should I bring to the class?

A To soroban kids class, please bring pencils, an eraser and colored pencils (not coupy-pencils) in a handbag that is big enough for A4 size materials.
To soroban abacus class (for elementary school children), please bring writing utensils and soroban (preferably soroban with 23 columns). Pencils should be a little longer than your child’s fists rather than new ones.

Q Where should I purchase a soroban?

A You can purchase one at your school so please consult with your instructor if necessary. We use ones from a long-established soroban maker, Kamedake Abacus Corp.. Of course, you also can purchase what you prefer.

Q What should I bring to calligraphy and penmanship class?

To penmanship class for younger children, please bring pencils 2B and higher, an eraser and colored pencils (not coupy-pencils) in a handbag that is big enough for A4 size materials.
To calligraphy class for elementary school children, please bring writing utensils and calligraphy set. Please see a teacher if you need a calligraphy set as it is available at our school.


☆Cancellation of membership

Q What if we need to cancel our membership?

A parent/carer needs to notify the school headquaters by phone. You also need to submit a notice of withdrawal so please fill in the form which is in the class. *If you notify us before 10th of every month, you can withdraw in the end of the month. If you notify us after the 10th, you can withdraw in the end of next month.


☆Suspending membership

Q Can we suspend our membership for a while?

Please contact the school headquaters. If you notify us before the 10th you can suspend your membership from the end of the following month. If you notify us after the 10th, the suspension will be from two month later. *You will need to submit a notice of suspension. Please fill in the form which is in the class. *You don’t need admission fee when you join us back. You cannot suspend membership if your child is in an infant class due to its quota. (You will need to cancell the membership.) You might need to wait untill the class becomes available when it’s full. You can take three months off if your child is in a class for elementary school students. You also can join back any time.*You will need to contact us at the Kodomo School headquaters and submit a application form and account transfer request statement.



Q I’m already senior at an elementary school. Can I start learning soroban now?

Yes, of course. Since our class is once a week, it is perfect for those who want to do other activities or school clubs and also who want to acquire mathematics skills before entering junior high school. We do have lots of new students like you.

Q My kid doesn’t want to attend soroban class…

Especially for younger children, it is essential that they enjoy learning. If your child doesn’t want to attend the class, it might be better if he/she has a little break. Please note that once you take a break, there might not be a space for your child when you wish to come back to younger children’s class. We might ask you to wait for a while or might be able to give you a lesson at three o’clock. There is no need for an entrance fee when you join again.)