Expand the possibilities for your children

Make your children form a good habit to steadily work under kind and sincere instruction by female teachers
We specialize in the right brain development which leads to a higher mathematics ability just by taking one lesson per week. At the same time, students can acquire skills to clean and tidy up as well as proprieties such as greeting properly while the class enhances their concentration, mathematics ability and positive thinking.

※General Incorporated Association to Promote Traditional Education in the Region has been providing soroban lessons at public schools upon request from the Education Boards of the local governments.

 soroban_1 You can start at three years old

Vitalize your children’s brain by right brain development

point_yellow Three years old – eldest at kindergarten

      Kids course Contents: basics of soroban and math

      Half an hour per lesson 1800円+消費税/月

point_yellow Eldest – 6th graders

    Abacus course contents: soroban and math

      One 60-minute lesson per week 3,800円+消費税/月




Once a week to develop the right brain while acquiring concentration, mathematic ability and proprieties

point_white  We have 80 soroban and Japanese penmanship classes

    Toyohashi, Toyokawa, Hamamatsu and Okazaki cit (as of October 2015)

    Please feel free to enquire about lesson details on telephone.